Emily's Happy Day♪ Part2
2014 / 11 / 11 ( Tue )

Look what Emily found at the game canter! :D

"Mom, Tedd is working here!!!"

logo 22


Emily is really enjoying the game. You can see how serious she is. I love her profile by the way.

"Grab it! Now!!!"

logo 18

「今だ!つかめ!!!」  ↑また画像が回転しちゃった。。。


"Mom, this is fun♪ Move it! Now!!" :D

logo 19


"How can I get them?"

logo 20


"I can see it but I can't get it..."

logo 21



logo 23


"Who do you think I am sitting on now?"

logo 24


"You know who now, right?"

logo 25


"Yes! Anpanman!!!" XD

logo 26


"I am flying with Anpanman!!" :D

logo 27


To be continued...


※Thank you for visiting my blog! Hope you enjoyed it!! :))


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